No one ever stated that relationships were easy, and we aren't here to tell you they are. Relationships are hard, they require a lot of attention, time, work, communication, and most of all, COMPROMISE. Everyone has a stubborn and prideful bone in their body, which causes a lot of difficulties in the "love department". One does something the other doesn't like and vice versa, then a fight comes and you're both so stubborn and too hard headed to let it go. Sometimes someone hurts the other intentionally by cheating, or even a simple lie. Although relationships are draining physically and emotionally, they are also fulfilling and wonderful. Even though communication is a big benefactor to making your relationships work, it's not always the easiest thing to do. Which is why we are here! Whether your relationship is with a boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, or family, we are here to offer useful information which can help you overcome or deal with the situation within the relationship.  We are always here to help you and answer any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.

We built this page as a resource you can come to when you're feeling lost, confused, sad, happy, or angry.  Please feel free to email us anonymously with any questions, or concerns to a100daysforlove@gmail.com. The answers to your questions will be emailed back to you and will be posted on the wall for others to see. Remember your information is anonymous and won't be shared unless given concent. We respect all your questions and comments, and are not here to judge you what so ever :).

We promise to keep any information you give private, and will never ask for your name or personal information.  We are here for you and we hope you can come to us when you have no one to talk to or are embarrassed to speak with someone you know.  We hope to be help you at this difficult time, and can only hope the best for you.

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